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    TAKAHASHI Tetsuya


  •  Health Administration Center Associate Professor

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Gender-specific associations of depression and anxiety symptoms with mental rotation.
    Oshiyama Chiaki;Sutoh Chihiro;Miwa Hiroyasu;Okabayashi Satoshi;Hamada Hiroyuki;Matsuzawa Daisuke;Hirano Yoshiyuki;Takahashi Tetsuya;Niwa Shin-Ichi;Honda Manabu;Sakatsume Kazuyuki;Nishimura Takuichi;Shimizu Eiji
    Journal of affective disorders 235 2018 Refereed
  • Longitudinal changes in the mismatch field evoked by an empathic voice reflect changes in the empathy quotient in autism spectrum disorder
    Yuko Yoshimura, Mitsuru Kikuchi, Hirotoshi Hiraishi, Chiaki Hasegawa, Tetsu Hirosawa, Tetsuya Takahashi, Toshio Munesue, Hirotaka Kosaka, Haruhiro Hiagashida, Yoshio Minabe
    Psychiatry Research: Neuroimaging 2018 Refereed
  • Delayed posthypoxic leukoencephalopathy following alcohol and psychotropic drug overdose: a case report.
    Ueno K, Takahashi T, Higashima M, Okazaki R, Takano S, Wada Y.
    Clin Case Rep. 6(6) 1158-1165 May  2018 Refereed
  • Gamma-band auditory steady-state response after frontal tDCS: A double-blind, randomized,crossover study
    Yoshiaki Miyagishi; Takashi Ikeda; Tetsuya Takahashi; Kiwamu Kudo; Hirofumi Morise; Yoshio Minabe; Mitsuru Kikuchi
    PLOS ONE 13(2) Feb.  2018 Refereed
  • Altered human voice processing in the frontal cortex and a developmental language delay in 3-to 5-year-old children with autism spectrum disorder
    Yoshimura, Yuko;Kikuchi, Mitsuru;Hayashi, Norio;Hiraishi, Hirotoshi;Hasegawa, Chiaki;Takahashi, Tetsuya;Oi, Manabu;Remijn, Gerard B.;Ikeda, Takashi;Saito, Daisuke N.;Kumazaki, Hirokazu;Minabe, Yoshio
    SCIENTIFIC REPORTS 7(1) Dec.  2017 Refereed
  • Oxytocin effects on emotional response to others' faces via serotonin system in autism: A pilot study
    Fukai, Mina;Hirosawa, Tetsu;Kikuchi, Mitsuru;Ouchi, Yasuomi;Takahashi, Tetsuya;Yoshimura, Yuko;Miyagishi, Yoshiaki;Kosaka, Hirotaka;Yokokura, Masamichi;Yoshikawa, Etsuji;Bunai, Tomoyasu;Minabe, Yoshio
    PSYCHIATRY RESEARCH-NEUROIMAGING 267 45-50 Sep.  2017 Refereed
  • Band-specific atypical functional connectivity pattern in childhood autism spectrum disorder
    Takahashi, Tetsuya;Yamanishi, Teruya;Nobukawa, Sou;Kasakawa, Shinya;Yoshimura, Yuko;Hiraishi, Hirotoshi;Hasegawa, Chiaki;Ikeda, Takashi;Hirosawa, Tetsu;Munesue, Toshio;Higashida, Haruhiro;Minabe, Yoshio;Kikuchi, Mitsuru
    CLINICAL NEUROPHYSIOLOGY 128(8) 1457-1465 Aug.  2017 Refereed
  • Clonazepam improves dopamine supersensitivity in a schizophrenia patient: a case report.
    Fukai Mina;Hirosawa Tetsu;Takahashi Tetsuya;Kaneda Reizo;Kikuchi Mitsuru;Minabe Yoshio
    Therapeutic advances in psychopharmacology 7(3) 2017
  • A pilot study of serotonergic modulation after long-term administration of oxytocin in autism spectrum disorder.
    Hirosawa Tetsu;Kikuchi Mitsuru;Ouchi Yasuomi;Takahashi Tetsuya;Yoshimura Yuko;Kosaka Hirotaka;Furutani Naoki;Hiraishi Hirotoshi;Fukai Mina;Yokokura Masamichi;Yoshikawa Etsuji;Bunai Tomoyasu;Minabe Yoshio
    Autism research : official journal of the International Society for Autism Research 2017
  • Scopolamine Ointment for Clozapine-Associated Sialorrhea A Case Report
    JOURNAL OF CLINICAL PSYCHOPHARMACOLOGY 37(1) 106-107 Feb.  2017 Refereed
  • Abnormal functional connectivity of high-frequency rhythms in drug-naïve schizophrenia
    Takahashi T, Goto T, Nobukawa S, Tanaka Y, Kikuchi M, Higashima M, Wada Y.
    Clin Neurophysiol. 129(1) 222-231 Jan.  2018 Refereed
    OBJECTIVE:The "dysconnection hypothesis" has been proposed as a core neural basis for schizophrenia. Although growing neuroimaging-based evidence suggests atypical functional connectivity in patients with schizophrenia, the results are inconsistent and the effects of antipsychotic treatment remain elusive.;METHODS:We performed resting-state electroencephalography (EEG) in 21 drug-naïve patients with schizophrenia (14 patients were re-evaluated after administration of antipsychotic treatment) and 31 age-matched healthy control subjects. We estimated functional connectivity, using the phase lag index (PLI), which captures the true synchronization of EEG signals.;RESULTS:The patients had reduced functional connectivity of the beta band across frontal regions and of the gamma band throughout the scalp when compared to the control subjects. In the schizophrenia group, symptom severity did not seem associated with functional connectivity. Antipsychotic treatment led to no alterations in functional connectivity.;CONCLUSIONS:Synchronous activity within and across brain areas over multiple frequencies reflect the integration of various types of information processing. Our findings of abnormal frequency- and region-specific functional connectivity patterns may provide further insight into the "dysconnection hypothesis" of schizophrenia.;SIGNIFICANCE:The PLI may serve as a useful measure for the characterization and understanding of the intrinsic pathophysiological mechanisms of schizophrenia, and as a reliable biomarker for this disease.
  • Enhanced brain signal variability in children with autism spectrum disorder during early childhood.
    Takahashi T, Yoshimura Y, Hiraishi H, Hasegawa C, Munesue T, Higashida H, Minabe Y, Kikuchi M
    Human Brain Mapping 37 1038-1050 2016 Refereed
  • Synchrony of auditory brain responses predicts behavioral ability to keep still in children with autism spectrum disorder: Auditory-evoked response in children with autism spectrum disorder.
    Yoshimura Y, Kikuchi M, Hiraishi H, Hasegawa C, Takahashi T, Remijn GB, Oi M, Munesue T, Higashida H, Minabe Y
    Neuroimage Clinical 11(4) 300-305 2016 Refereed
  • The lateral occipito-temporal cortex is involved in the mental manipulation of body part imagery.
    Kikuchi M, Takahashi T, Hirosawa T, Oboshi Y, Yoshikawa E, Minabe Y, Ouchi Y.
    Front Hum Neurosci 11 181 2017 Refereed
  • Wide Range Multiscale Entropy Changes through Development.
    Polizzotto N, Takahashi T, Walker P, Cho R.
    Entropy 18 12 2016 Refereed
  • Atypical bilateral brain synchronization in the early stage of human voice auditory processing in young children with autism.
    Kurita T, Kikuchi M, Yoshimura Y, Hiraishi H, Hasegawa C, Takahashi T, Hirosawa T, Furutani N, Higashida H, Ikeda T, Mutou K, Asada M, Minabe Y
    PLoS One 11(4) e0153077 2016 Refereed
  • Reversible Splenial Lesion Related to Acute Lithium Intoxication in a Bipolar Patient: A Case Report.
    T.Goto,M.Ishitobi,T.Takahashi, M.Higashima,Y.Wada
    Journal of clinical psychopharmacology 36(5) 528-529 Oct.  2016 Refereed
  • Atypical development of the central auditory system in young children with Autism spectrum disorder.
    Yoshimura Y, Kikuchi M, Hiraishi H, Hasegawa C, Takahashi T, Remijn GB, Oi M, Munesue T, Higashida H, Minabe Y, Kojima H
    Autism Research 9 1216-1226 2016 Refereed
  • Mu rhythm suppression reflects mother-child face-to-face interactions: a pilot study with simultaneous MEG recording.
    Hasegawa C, Ikeda T, Yoshimura Y, Hiraishi H, Takahashi T, Furutani N, Hayashi N, Minabe Y, Hirata M, Asada M, Kikuchi M.
    Scientific Reports 6 34977 2017 Refereed
  • The Contribution of Increased Gamma Band Connectivity to Visual Non-Verbal Reasoning in Autistic Children: A MEG Study.
    Takesaki Natsumi;Kikuchi Mitsuru;Yoshimura Yuko;Hiraishi Hirotoshi;Hasegawa Chiaki;Kaneda Reizo;Nakatani Hideo;Takahashi Tetsuya;Mottron Laurent;Minabe Yoshio
    PloS one 11(9) 2016
  • Changes in EEG complexity with electroconvulsive therapy in a patient with autism spectrum disorders: a multiscale entropy approach
    Okazaki, Ryoko;Takahashi, Tetsuya;Ueno, Kanji;Takahashi, Koichi;Ishitobi, Makoto;Kikuchi, Mitsuru;Higashima, Masato;Wada, Yuji
  • Clozapine-Related Negative Myoclonus Associated With Urinary Tract Infection A Case Report
    Takahashi, Tetsuya;Masuya, Yasuhiro;Ueno, Kanji;Watanabe, Kyohei;Takahashi, Masahiro;Morita, Machiyo;Higashima, Masato;Wada, Yuji
  • Successful treatment of blepharospasm with tandospirone, a 5-HT(1A) partial agonist: A case report
    T.Takahashi, T.Murata, Y.Wada
    Mov Disord. 23(1) 151-152 Jan.  2008 Refereed
  • The association between autonomic response status and the changes in EEG activity during mental arithmetic task
    Y.Ohtake, T.Hamada, T.Murata, T.Takahashi, Y.Wada, H.Kimura, H.Yoshida
    Rinsho Byori 55(12) 1075-1079 Dec.  2007 Refereed
  • Adiponectin multimer distribution, not absolute amount of plasma, correlates with depression severity in healthy elderly subjects
    K.Narita, T.Murata, T.Hamada, T.Takahashi, H.Kosaka, S.Sudo, K.mizukami, H.Yoshida, Y.Wada
    Prog Neuropsychopharmacol Biol Psychiatry 32(1) 124-127 Jan.  2008 Refereed
  • The clinical significance of abnormal diurnal blood pressure variation in healthy late middle-aged and older adults
    T.Hamada, T.Murata, K,Narita, T.Takahashi, Y.Wada, H.Kimura, H.Yoshida
    Blood Press 17(3) 134-140 Mar.  2008 Refereed
  • Aripiprazole monotherapy in the treatment of vascular parkinsonism
    M.Ishitobi, H.Kosaka, T.Takahashi, M.Oonuma, T.Murata, Y.Wada
    Psychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences 65(6) 607 Jan.  2011 Refereed
  • Switching to aripiprazole in subjects with Pervasive Developmental Disorders showing tolerability issues with risperidone
    M.Ishitobi, M.Hiratani, H.Kosaka, T.Takahashi, T.Mizuno, M.Asano, T.Murata, A.Tomoda, Y.Wada
    Progress in Neuro-Psychopharmacology & Biological Psychiatry 37(1) 128-131 Apr.  2012 Refereed

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Dynamical brain: how brain complexity changes with aging and mental illness?
    Tetsuya Takahashi
    World Psychiatric Association's International Congress of Psychiatry Jun.  2017
  • Increasing Signal Variability During Development and Its Relevance to Autism Spectrum Disorders
    WPAIC 2015 Nov.  2015