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Researcher Profile & Settings


    OHSHIMA Yusei

Research Areas

  • Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy / Clinical internal medicineallergy, bronchial asthma /  Individual
  • Medicine,dentistry, and pharmacy / Clinical internal medicinefood allergy


  •  General Medicine, Pediatrics Professor


  • Apr. 1979Mar. 1985Kyoto University Faculty of Medicine Medicine
  • Apr. 1999Mar. 1983Kyoto University 内科系

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Nov. 2010Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Professor
  • Aug. 2005Oct. 2010Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medical Sciences, University of Fukui, Lecturer
  • Jan. 2003Aug. 2005Department of Pediatrics, Faculty of Medical Sciences, Assistant Professor
  • Sep. 1998Jan. 2003Department of Pediatrics, Fukui Medical School, Fukui Assistant Professor
  • Jun. 1995Jul. 1998Allergy Research Laboratory (Director; Prof. Guy Delespesse), Notre-Dame Hospital, Montreal University Post Doctoral fellow

Association Memberships

    Int Arch Allergy Immunology editorial board other,

Overseas travel history

  • 韓国 Korean Academy of Pediatric Allergy and Respiratory Diseases Oct.  2006- Oct. 2006
  • カナダ 12th International Congress of Immunology and 4th annual conference of FOCIS Jul.  2004- Jul. 2004
  • アメリカ合衆国 2003 Keystone symposia : Dendritic cells: Interfaces with immunobiology and medicine Mar.  2003- Mar. 2003
  • アメリカ合衆国 Experimental Biology 2001 Mar.  2001- Apr. 2001
  • アメリカ合衆国 1998 KEYSTONE SYMPOSIA on Melecular and Cellular Biology Mar.  1998- Mar. 1998
  • アメリカ合衆国 1997 American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology / American Association of Immunologists / Clinical Immunology Society Joint meeting Feb.  1997- Feb. 1997
  • アメリカ合衆国 1996 KEYSTONE SYMPOSIA on Molecular and Cellular Biology Mar.  1996- Mar. 1996
  • カナダ モントリオール大学付属ノートルダム病院ルイ・チャールズ・シマーズ研究所 Jun.  1995- Jul. 1998

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Aicardi-Goutieres syndrom is caused by IFIH1 mutations
    H. Oda, K. Nakagawa, J. Abe, T. Awaya, M. Funabiki, A. Hijikata, R. Nishikomori, M. Funatsuka, Y. Ohshima, Y. Sugawara, T. Yasumi, H. Kato, T. Shirai, O. Ohara, T. Fujita, T. Heike
    Am J Hum Genet 95 121-125 Jun.  2014 Refereed
  • Heterozygous TREX1 p.Asp18Asn mutation can cause variable neurological symptoms in a family with Aicardi-Goutieres syndrome/familial chilblain lupus
    J. Abe, K. Izawa, R. Nishikomori, T. Awaya, T. Kawai, T. Yasumi, N. Hiragi, Y. Ohshima, T. Hiragi, T. Heike
    Rheumatology 52(2) 406-408 Feb.  2013 Refereed
  • Immunotherapy with oligomannose-coated liposomes ameliorates allergic symptoms in a murine food allergy model
    A.Kawakita, H.Shirasaki, M.Yasutomi, M.Mayumi, S.Tokuriki, H.Naiki, Y.Ohshima
    Allergy 67 371-379 Mar.  2012 Refereed
  • Antigen-primed splenic CD8+ T cells impede the development of oral antigen?induced allergic diarrhea
    A.Yamada, Y.Ohshima, M.Yasutomi, H.Naiki, K.Ogura, S.Tokuriki, M.Mayumi
     123(4) 889-894 Apr.  2009 Refereed
  • A case of milk-protein-induced enterocolitis associated with enterotoxigenic E. coli and MRSA infections
    N.Omata, H.Ohshima, A.Yamada, M.Yasutomi, S.Tokuriki, M.Mayumi
     167 683-684 Jun.  2008 Refereed
  • High levels of growth factors in human breast milk
    R.Kobata, H.Tsukahara, Y.Ohshima, N.Ohta, S.Tokuriki, S.Tamura, M.Mayumi
    Early Hum Dev 84 67-69 Jan.  2008 Refereed
  • Salivary-type hyperamylasemia in theophylline poisoning
    K.Suzuki, Y.Ohshima, I.Hata, H.Tsukahara, N.Omata, M.Yasutomi, A.Yamada, M.Mayumi
     47(2) 209-210 Apr.  2005 Refereed
  • Ovalbumin-specific IgE modulates ovalbumin-specific T cell response after repetitive oral antigne administration
    N.Omata, Y.Ohshima, M.Yasutomi, A.Yamada, H.Karasuyama, M.Mayumi
     115 822-827 2005 Refereed
  • Erythromycin differentially inhibits LPS- or poly (I:C)-induced but not peptidoglycan-induced activation of human monocyte-derived dendritic cells
    Y.Yasutomi, Y.Ohshima, N.Omata, A.Yamada, H.Iwasaki, Y.Urasaki, M.Mayumi
     175(12) 8069?8076 2005 Refereed
  • Steroid-sparing effect of tacrolimus in a patient with juvenile dermatomyosisit presenting poor bioavailability of cyclosporin A
    A.Yamada, Y.Ohshima, N.Omata, M.Yasutomi, M.Mayumi
     163 561-562 2004 Refereed
  • The role of dendritic cells in Th1/Th2 balance: A novel therapeutic target of allergic diseases
    Y.Ohshima, N.Omata, M.Yasutomi, M.Mayumi
     53 219-226 2004 Refereed
  • Association between interleukin-18 gene polymorphism 105A/C and asthma
    S.Higa, T.Hirano, M.Mayumi, M.Hiraoka, Y.Ohshima, M.Nambu, E.Yamaguchi, N.Hizawa, N.Kondo, E.Matsui, Y.Katada, A.Miyatake, I.Kawase, T.Tanaka
     33 1097-1102 2003 Refereed
  • Lipid A analogue, ONO-4007, inhibits IgE response and antigen-induced eosinophilic recruitment into airways in BALB/c mice
    Iio, J., Katamura, K., Ohmura, K., Yasumi, T., Meguro,T., Ohshima, Y., Nakahata,T.
     127 217-225 2002 Refereed
  • OX40-mediated cosignal enhances the maturation of naive human CD4+ T cells into high IL-4 producing effectors
    Delespesse, G., Ohshima, Y., Yang, L.P., Demeure, C., Sarfati, M.
     118 384-386 1999 Refereed
  • Naive human CD4+ T cells are a major source of lymphotoxin a
    Ohshima, Y., Yang, L.P., Avice, M.N., Kurimoto,M., Nakajima,T., Sergerie, M., Demeure, C., Sarfati, M., Delespesse, G.
     162 3790-3794 1999 Refereed
  • OX40 costimulation enhances IL-4 expression at priming and promotes the differentiataion of naive human CD4+ T cells into high IL-4 producing effectors
    Ohshima, Y., Yang, L.P., Uchiyama,T., Tanaka,T., Baum, P., Sergerie, M., Hermann, P., Delespesse, G.
     92 3338-3345 1998 Refereed
  • Productive infection of neonatal CD8+ T lymphocytes by HIV-1
    Yang, L.P., Riley, J.L., Carroll, R.G., June, C.H., Hoxie, J., Patterson, B.K., Ohshima, Y., Hodes, R.J., Delespesse, G.
     187 1139-1144 1998 Refereed
  • Maturation of human neonatal CD4+ and CD8+ T lymphocytes into Th1/Th2 effectors
    Delespesse, G., Yang, L.P., Ohshima, Y., Demeure, C., Shu, U, Byun, D.G., Sarfati, M.
     16 1415-1419 1998 Refereed
  • Expression and function of OX40 ligand on human dendritic cells
    Ohshima, Y., Tanaka,Y., Tozawa,H., Takahashi,Y., Maliszewski, C., Delespesse, G.
     159 3838-3848 1997 Refereed
  • T cell-derived IL-4 and dendritic cell-derived IL-12 regulate the lymphokine-producing phenotype of alloantigen-primed naive human CD4 T cells
    Ohshima, Y., Delespesse, G.
     158 629-636 1997 Refereed
  • Role of IL-12 in the maturation of naive human CD4 T cells
    Delespesse, G., Yang, L.P., Shu, U., Byun, D.G., Demeure C.E., Ohshima, Y., Wu, C.Y., Safati, M.
     795 196-201 1996 Refereed
    Ohshima Yusei
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 65(6) 739-744 2016
  • P-238 ハンノキ特異的IgE陰性のリンゴによる食物依存性運動誘発アナフィラキシー(アナフィラキシー,口演34,第26回日本アレルギー学会春季臨床大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 63(3) Apr.  2014
  • Various vascular lesions in a girl with Bannayan-Riley-Ruvalcaba syndrome
    Aiko Igarashi, Ikue Hata, Taihei Hayashi, Masao Kawatani, Yusei Ohshima, Mitsufumi Mayumi, Yoshiaki Kubo
    J Jpn Pediatr Soc 117(5) 868-871 May  2013 Refereed
  • A male case of subcortical band heterotopia with somatic mosaicism of DCX mutation
    Aiko Igarashi, Masao Kawatani, Genrei Ohta, Hiroshi Kometani, Yusei Ohshima, Mitsuhiro Kato
     45(5) 371-374 Aug.  2013 Refereed
  • MS17-5 経皮感作後の抗原経口チャレンジ間隔が食物アレルギー症状に及ぼす影響(MS17 動物モデル,ミニシンポジウム,第26回日本アレルギー学会春季臨床大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 63(3) Apr.  2014
  • O9-6 経皮感作による食物アレルギー発症に活性化ビタミンD3が及ぼす影響(O9 食物アレルギー3,口演,第63回日本アレルギー学会秋季学術大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 62(9) Oct.  2013
  • MS23-3 JPGLの乳児喘息診断・治療基準の妥当性と問題点の検証(第4報) : 大発作反復要因の解析(MS23 小児喘息2,ミニシンポジウム,第23回日本アレルギー学会春季臨床大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 60(3) Apr.  2011
  • S9-5 小児喘息・食物アレルギーの薬物療法のトピックス(S9 アレルギー疾患に用いられる薬物療法のトピックス,シンポジウム,第23回日本アレルギー学会春季臨床大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 60(3) Apr.  2011
  • A case of food allergy presenting with hypocalnitinemia and elevated serum creatine kinase levels during the treatment with strict elimination diets
    Shirasaki Hisako;Kawakita Akiko;Yoshikawa Toshihide;Yasutomi Motoko;Hata Ikue;Shigematsu Yousuke;Mayumi Mitsufumi;Ohshima Yusei
    JJACI 25(2) 133-137 2011
    A ten-month-old girl with food allergy presented with mild developmental delay, elevated serum creatine kinase levels and hypocarnitinemia. Her mother had adhered to a vegiatrian diet during pregnant and lactating periods because of the elder sister's egg allergy. She had been treated with a strict elimination diet. Her abnormal serum carnitine and creatine kinase levels were promptly normalized by treatement with L-carnitine and nutrition counselling. Strict elimination diets and inappropriate altenative foods may cause carinitine deficiency and myopathy.
  • A case of intractable sepsis caused by Acinetobacter lwoffii in a girl with an eating disorder
     24(2) 138-142 Jul.  2012
  • Management of childhood atopic dermatitis
    OSHIMA Yusei
     32(1) 7-11 Feb.  2013
  • Various Vascular Lesions in a Girl with Bannayan-Riley-Ruvalcaba Syndrome
    IGARASHI Aiko;HATA Ikue;HAYASHI Taihei;KAWATANI Masao;OSHIMA Yusei;MAYUMI Mitsufumi;KUBO Yoshiaki
     117(5) 868-871 May  2013
  • A male case of subcortical band heterotopia with somatic mosaicism of DCX mutation
    IGARASHI Aiko;KAWATANI Masao;OHTA Genrei;KOMETANI Hiroshi;OHSHIMA Yusei;KATO Mitsuhiro
    NO TO HATTATSU 45(5) 371-374 Sep.  2013
      This report describes a male case of subcortical band heterotopia (SBH) with somatic mosaicism of doublecortin (DCX) mutation. His brain MRI revealed bilateral SBH with anterior dominant pachygyria. Although he had infantile spasms from 5-months old and showed mild developmental delay, he responded well to vitamin B6 and ACTH therapy. We conducted DCX mutation analysis using peripheral blood lymphocytes of the proband and his parents. Only the present case showed the mixture pattern of missense mutation (c. 167G>C) and normal sequence of DCX gene indicating that the present case resulted from somatic mosaicism of de novo DCX mutation. Male patients with DCX mutations generally present with the classical type of lissencephaly, severe developmental delay, and intractable epilepsy. However, somatic mosaic mutation of DCX can lead to SBH in males.
  • P2-06-6 寒冷刺激による発熱と凍瘡を認めたAicardi-Goutieres syndromeの1例(P2-06 自己免疫疾患4,ポスターセッション,第23回日本アレルギー学会春季臨床大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 60(3) Apr.  2011
  • S2-5 アトピー性皮膚炎の生活管理と指導法(S2 小児のアトピー性皮膚炎,シンポジウム,第61回日本アレルギー学会秋季学術大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 60(9) Oct.  2011
  • O14-1 IL-33の線維細胞に及ぼす影響(O14 サイトカイン,ケモカインとその受容体,口演,第61回日本アレルギー学会秋季学術大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 60(9) Oct.  2011
  • MS5-1 乳児喘息の予後と遷延化に関するリスク因子の解析(MS5 小児気管支喘息1,ミニシンポジウム,第24回日本アレルギー学会春季臨床大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 61(3) Apr.  2012
  • O40-5 アトピー性皮膚炎治療に用いた漢方薬により下痢,体重減少,高K血症を来した乳児例(アトピー性皮膚炎1,口演,第62回日本アレルギー学会秋季学術大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 61(9) Oct.  2012
  • 司会のことば(S10 気管支喘息の発症と増悪におけるウイルス感染の役割と治療,シンポジウム10,第25回日本アレルギー学会春季臨床大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 62(3) Apr.  2013
  • ES2-4 寛解・治癒をめざす分子標的療法の展望(ES2 小児喘息の発症予防と寛解導入,イブニングシンポジウム2,第25回日本アレルギー学会春季臨床大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 62(3) Apr.  2013
  • P-171 レトルト粥と自家製粥で症状誘発の乖離を認めた米アレルギーの一乳児例(食物アレルギーの発症メカニズム2,ポスター発表,一般演題)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 62(3) Apr.  2013
  • P/O-233 学校関係者に対する食物アレルギー指導におけるエピペン実技の有用性(アナフィラキシーの原因診断と治療,ポスター発表,一般演題)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 62(3) Apr.  2013
    Yasutomi Motoko;Okazaki Shintaro;Kawakita Akiko;Hayashi Hisako;Murai Hiroki;Mayumi Mitsufumi;Wada Taizo;Ohshima Yusei
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 62(7) 827-832 Jul.  2013
    We report here a 4-month-old girl with atopic dermatitis accompanied by weight loss, electrolyte disturbance, hypoproteinemia and hypogammaglobulinemia. She has suffered from eczema since one-month of age. Although she was treated with Chinese herbal medicines, including Syosaikotokakikyosekko, Tokishigyakukagoshuyushokyoto and Jumihaidokuto and ibuprofen ointment since three-month of age, she was referred to our hospital due to deteriorated eczema, severe diarrhea and failure to thrive. Laboratory examination revealed hyponatremia, hyperpotassemia, hypoproteinemia, hypogammaglobulinemia and elevated levels of serum IL-18, TARC and fecal EDN. Drug-induced lymphocyte stimulation tests were positive for the prescribed Chinese herbal medicines. Discontinuation of these medicines and application of steroid ointments improved loose bowels and skin lesions as well as laboratory data. It is suggested that the application of inadequate ointment and Chinese herbal medicines exaggerated inflammation in the skin and the intestinal mucosa leading to electrolyte disturbance, hypoproteinemia and hypogammaglobulinemia. Chinese herbal medicines are depicted as an additional therapy in Japanese guideline for atopic dermatitis, whereas their indication to infants with atopic dermatitis should be carefully assessed.
  • O53-1 オートファジーを介して気道上皮より分泌されるIL-18はCaspasel非依存性である(O53 気道上皮細胞・線維芽細胞,口演,第63回日本アレルギー学会秋季学術大会)
    Sur Sanjiv
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 62(9) Oct.  2013
  • A lecture on food allergy combined with practical guidance for an adrenaline autoinjector improves school staff attitude toward management of students with anaphylaxis
    Murai Hiroki;Fujisawa Kazuo;Okazaki Shintaro;Hayashi Hisako;Kawakita Akiko;Yasutomi Motoko;Mayumi Mitsufumi;Ohshima Yusei
    JJACI 27(4) 566-573 2013
    Objective: Educating the school staff on anaphylaxis and its management is indispensable for safety during school. We analyzed the usefulness of a lecture on food allergy followed by a practice session on an adrenaline autoinjector, EpiPen®.
    Method: We recruited the school staff from elementary and junior high schools in Fukui-city, Japan. After a questionnaire survey to assess the knowledge of anaphylaxis and its management, a lecture on food allergy and a practice session on an EpiPen® were conducted. The change in staff attitude toward management of children presenting with anaphylaxis was analyzed by comparing the answers to the questionnaires before and after the lecture and practice session.
    Results: Although 97% of the staff knew about the EpiPen®, only 29% understood its proper usage. Their major concerns were the optimal timing for EpiPen® use (82%) and guardians' complaints about having used an EpiPen® (68%). After the practice session, the percentage of staff who answered that a teacher or school nurse who encountered a child presenting with anaphylaxis should use the EpiPen® increased from 50% to 75%. Some participants answered that the practice reduced their hesitation to use the EpiPen®.
    Conclusion: A lecture on food allergy combined with a practice session on an EpiPen® was effective for the school staff in understanding anaphylaxis and for reducing their hesitation to use the EpiPen®.
  • P27-6 食物アレルギーに対する食事制限中にCK値上昇を認めた1例(P27 食物アレルギー・症例,ポスター,第60回日本アレルギー学会秋季学術大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 59(9) Oct.  2010
  • A Case of Type 2a Autoimmune Hepatitis Presenting with Hemophagocytic Syndrome and Persisting Portal Lymphadenopathy
    HAGIWARA Yuki;OHSHIMA Yusei;KOBATA Ritsuyo;OMATA Nemuko;HATA Ikue;TANIZAWA Akihiko;IMAMURA Yoshiaki;MAYUMI Mitsufumi
    The Journal of the Japan Pediatric Society 112(6) 997-1001 Jun.  2008
  • Add-on therapy with pranlukast to anti-histamines was effective against allergic vulvovaginitis
    Ogura Kazumasa;Ohshima Yusei;Tsuchida Shinya;Mayumi Mitsufumi
    JJACI 23(2) 218-221 2009
    A five-year-old girl had complained of vulvovaginal pruritus and discharge, following symptoms of allergic rhino-conjunctivitis for the past three grass pollen seasons. She was diagnosed as having allergic vulvovaginitis by the seasonal symptoms, the presence of serum grass pollen-specific IgE and an increased number of eosinophils in the vulvovaginal smear. Whereas treatment with hydroxyzine and oxatomide failed to control the pruritus, co-administration of pranlukast and epinastine hydrochloride ameliorated her symptoms, suggesting the involvement of cystinyl leukotriene in the pathophysiology of allergic vulvovaginitis and the usefulness of add-on of leukotriene antagonist for the treatment of refractory cases.
    Yasutomi Motoko;Ohshima Yusei;Mayumi Mitsufumi
    JJACI 22(2) 253-258 2008
    Anti-inflammatory effects of erythromycin have drawn notice to its clinical application for chronic respiratory inflammatory diseases. Since dendritic cells have been shown to play pivotal roles in antigen sensitization and exacerbation of allergic inflammation, we examined the effects of erythromycin on the function of dendritic cells activated with pathogen-derived stimuli and helper T cell activation. As a results, erythromycin selectively inhibited expressions of costimulatory molecules and cytokine production by dendritic cells stimulated with poly (I:C) and LPS, but not with peptidoglycan. Erythromycin suppressed IFN regulatory factor-3 activation and IFN-β production induced by poly(I:C) and LPS, and suppressed poly (I:C)-mediated differentiation of naïve T cells into Th1 effector cells. Moreover, erythromycin suppressed IL-17 production by memory T cells that were activated by PGN-stimulated dendritic cells. These results collectively suggest that erythromycin presents anti-inflammatory effects depending on the nature of pathogen-derived stimuli, and thereby modulates allergic inflammation.
    ADACHI Yuichi;MURAKAMI Gyokei;NAKAMURA Toshimi;YACHIE Akihiro;OHSHIMA Yusei;MAYUMI Mitsufumi
    JJACI 22(3) 369-378 Aug.  2008
    Inconsistency of care with guideline leads to poor asthma control. Therefore, we developed a simple questionnaire and checklist for primary physicians to implement Japanese guideline for childhood asthma. We asked doctors of 20 hospitals and 19 clinics to use this questionnaire and checklist for evaluating control levels of children with asthma, and to discuss with their caregivers regarding the treatment status. Their control levels were reevaluated afterward. Out of 938 children, 258 (27.5%) were defined as poor control, and the treatment level was stepped up in 46.1% of them. One month later, approximately 60% of the children showed the improvement in their control levels, and this improving tendency was clearer in the children with step-up treatment level compared with children whose treatment was not changed (77.4% vs 39.1%, p<0.001). These results suggest that it could be useful to use this simple questionnaire and checklist for implementation of asthma guideline.
  • MS10-8 CD8^+T細胞による即時型食物アレルギー症状抑制効果の検討(アレルギーの動物モデル,ミニシンポジウム,第57回日本アレルギー学会秋季学術大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 56(8) Sep.  2007
  • 384 ロイコトリエンD4が線維細胞機能におよぼす抑制効果(抗原提示細胞2・その他,一般演題(デジタルポスター),第57回日本アレルギー学会秋季学術大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 56(8) Sep.  2007
  • EL2 樹状細胞とアレルギー(第20回日本アレルギー学会春季臨床大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 57(3) Apr.  2008
  • MS11-1 JPGL2005の乳児喘息の診断基準の妥当性と問題点(小児喘息治療の進歩と残された課題,第20回日本アレルギー学会春季臨床大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 57(3) Apr.  2008
  • SS4-指定発言2 内分泌撹乱物質とアレルギー疾患(アレルギー疾患と環境因子,第58回日本アレルギー学会秋季学術大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 57(9) Oct.  2008
  • S6-3 2歳未満児のアレルギー性鼻炎の早期診断 : いつ発症するのか?(アレルギー疾患の早期診断・早期治療,第58回日本アレルギー学会秋季学術大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 57(9) Oct.  2008
  • MS3-6 エリスロマイシンは樹状細胞機能を介してメモリーT細胞のIL-17産生を抑制する(抗原提示細胞,第58回日本アレルギー学会秋季学術大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 57(9) Oct.  2008
  • MS5-10 CD8^+T細胞による即時型食物アレルギー症状抑制効果の検討(気管支喘息-動物モデル,第58回日本アレルギー学会秋季学術大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 57(9) Oct.  2008
    Ohshima Yusei
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 57(12) 1265-1269 Dec.  2008
  • MS5-5 JPGLの乳児喘息の診断基準の妥当性と問題点の検証(第2報)(MS5 小児気管支喘息の病態と治療,ミニシンポジウム5,第21回日本アレルギー学会春季臨床大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 58(3) Apr.  2009
  • MS10-#1 IL-17/IL-17Fが線維細胞機能におよぼす影響(気道上皮細胞/線維芽細胞/血管内皮細胞とアレルギー病態1,第59回日本アレルギー学会秋季学術大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 58(8) Sep.  2009
  • P2-4-9 JPGLの乳児喘息診断・治療基準の妥当性と問題点の検証(第3報)(P2-4小児喘息診断,一般演題,第22回日本アレルギー学会春季臨床大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 59(3) Apr.  2010
  • W8-2 食物アレルギーモデルを用いた食物アレルギー耐性獲得機序の解析(W8 動物モデルによる病態解明の進歩,ワークショップ,第60回日本アレルギー学会秋季学術大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 59(9) Oct.  2010
  • P1-4 エリスロマイシンはPGN+CD40L刺激によるIL-23/IL-17 pathwayを選択的に抑制する(P1 サイトカイン・ケモカイン,ポスター,第60回日本アレルギー学会秋季学術大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 59(9) Oct.  2010
  • アレルギー性炎症の発症機序
    The Journal of the Japan Pediatric Society 111(1) 16-22 Jan.  2007
    Ohshima Yusei
    JJACI 21(3) 263-270 2007
    Allergen-specific immunotherapy represents the only causative approach towards allergy treatment. Conventional immunotherapy reduces symptoms and medication requirements in allergic rhinitis and asthma but its use is limited by the risk of adverse effects and the inconvenience of the prolonged course of therapy. However, immunotherapy seems to have the potential to alter the natural course of allergic diseases by preventing onset of new sensitization and progression from rhinitis to asthma. Novel approaches to immunotherapy currently being explored include the use of new adjuvants, such as immunostimulatory DNA sequences, and the use of allergen-derived peptides, or modified recombinant allergen, with the aim to reduce IgE-mediated side effects during immunotherapy and to foster certain advantageous immunogenicity. This article reviews the development of immunotherapy, our current understanding of its mechanisms of action and its future prospects.
  • Roles of dendritic cells in allergic inflammation : A new therapeutic target for bronchial asthma
    JJACI 21(3) 345-352 Aug.  2007
  • 3 アトピー素因への環境ホルモンの関与の可能性(環境ホルモン(内分泌攪乱物質)と免疫アレルギー)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 53(2) Mar.  2004
  • 4 急性発作に対する医療機関での対応 : JPGL2002と欧米ガイドラインとの比較(小児気管支喘息の特徴とその治療・管理)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 53(2) Mar.  2004
  • 274 T細胞の経口免疫寛容成立に及ぼす抗原特異的IgEの影響
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 53(2) Mar.  2004
  • 1 アレルギーマーチとIgE
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 53(8) Sep.  2004
  • 302 樹状細胞のTLRを介するNF-kB,IRF-3活性化におけるエリスロマイシン(EM)の影響
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 53(8) Sep.  2004
  • 4 動物モデルを用いた食物アレルギーの解析(<シンポジウム9>食物アレルギーの現状と対策)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 54(3) Apr.  2005
  • 1 胎内感作とアトピー素因 : 胎内感作によってアレルギー性疾患の発症が規定されるか(7 乳幼児の免疫機構とアレルギー疾患, 第55回日本アレルギー学会秋季学術大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 54(8) Sep.  2005
  • 161 病原性大腸菌O6がミルクアレルギー発症に関与したと思われる新生児例(食物アレルギー(3), 第55回日本アレルギー学会秋季学術大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 54(8) Sep.  2005
  • MS5-1 CD8^+ T細胞による即時型食物アレルギー症状抑制効果の検討(動物モデルによる解析,ミニシンポジウム,一般演題,第18回日本アレルギー学会春季臨床大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 55(3) Apr.  2006
  • MS11-1-2 初回喘息入院患児の予後因子の検討(小児気管支喘息1,ミニシンポジウム,一般演題,第18回日本アレルギー学会春季臨床大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 55(3) Apr.  2006
  • P63 母体を介するBisphenol Aへの暴露が経口トレランス成立に及ぼす影響(動物モデル2,ポスターセッション,一般演題,第18回日本アレルギー学会春季臨床大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 55(3) Apr.  2006
  • S2-2 樹状細胞とT細胞のクロストークからみたアレルギー炎症制御の可能性(シンポジウム2 Th1/Th2パラダイムの再評価-マウスからヒトヘ-,第56回日本アレルギー学会秋季学術大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 55(8) Sep.  2006
  • 394 エンドセリン1刺激による肺線維芽細胞の機能的変化に及ぼすロイコトリエンD4の作用(サイトカイン,ケモカインとその受容体1,一般演題(口演),第56回日本アレルギー学会秋季学術大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 55(8) Sep.  2006
  • MS7-8 ER型救急診療体制での小児喘息患者の発作時対応の問題点とJPGL2005の影響(小児気管支喘息の治療・管理, 第19回日本アレルギー学会春季臨床大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 56(3) Apr.  2007
  • P149 アウトグロー後の食物アレルギー児に発症した食物依存性運動誘発アナフィラキシーの1例(食物アレルギー・他(1)-4, 第19回日本アレルギー学会春季臨床大会)
    Japanese Journal of Allergology 56(3) Apr.  2007
  • 第3章 病態と成立機序
    JJACI 26(4) 652-658 2012
  • A case of food allergy presenting with hypocalnitinemia and elevated serum creatine kinase levels during the treatment with strict elimination diets
     25(2) 133-137 Jun.  2011

Conference Activities & Talks

  • A novel strategy of immunotherapy for food allergy targeting CD8+ regulatory T cells
    The East Asia Allergy Symposium 2013 Nov.  2013
  • Autophagy contributes to release of IL-18 from epithelial cells in Alternaria exposure
    H. Murai, S. Okazaki, M. Yasutomi, H. Hayashi, A. Kawakita, K. Suzuki, S. Sur, Y. Ohshima
    The 2013 American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology Annual Meeting Feb.  2013
  • Erythromycin inhibits IL-17 production through modulating monocyte-derived dentritic cell function
    Motoko Yasutomi, Yusei Ohshima, Mitsufumi Mayumi
    The 10th International Symposium on Dendritic Cells Jan.  2008

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