KIKUCHI Yoshinobu

FacultyArchitecture and Civil Engineering
Teacher OrganizationArchitecture and Civil Engineering
Education and
 Research Organization
Faculty of Engineering /Graduate School of Engineering
PositionAssociate Professor
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    KIKUCHI Yoshinobu


  •  Architecture and Civil Engineering Associate Professor

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • The sustainability and replicability of community-led refurbishment of empty homes
    David Mullins, Eva Morales Soler and Yoshinobu Kikuchi
    ENHR conference 2019 Aug.  2019 Not refereed
  • Consideration on the Intermediate Support for Interactive-living by Utilizing Empty Houses in Local City in Japan
    Takahiro HASEGAWA, Yoshinobu KIKUCHI
    International Conference of Asian-Pacific Planning Societies 2018 Aug.  2018 Refereed
  • Meals in Solitude-Solitary to Solidarity
    Kikuchi Yoshinobu
    Journal of architecture and building science 130(1666) 36-37 Jan.  2015
    INOUE Saho;KIKUCHI Yoshinobu
    J. Archit. Plann. 79(703) 1985-1994 2014
    The purpose of this paper is to clarify the management system of the Intergenerational Home Share. For that purpose, we focus on the COSI-network, which is the network of groups operating the Intergenerational Home Share programmes in France. The Intergenerational Home Share has been rapidly growing in France in a decade after 2003 and COSI network has been acted an important role. The Intergenerational Home Share in France has various approaches depend on the delivering groups background and relationship to other relevant organisations. Their management systems could be good precedents to Japan.
  • 8153 The actual conditions of the partnership of the housing assistance conference
    Inoue Saho;Kikuchi Yoshinobu
    Summaries of technical papers of annual meeting 2015 323-324 Sep.  2015
  • 8124 The sustainable management systems of intergenerational homeshare in Canada
    Mori Azusa;Kikuchi Yoshinobu
    Summaries of technical papers of annual meeting 2015 247-248 Sep.  2015
  • 8080 A study on the actual condition of the hands-on training programs at technical high school
    HASHI Risa;KIKUCHI Yoshinobu
    Summaries of technical papers of annual meeting 2015 159-160 Sep.  2015
  • 8104 Future estimation of the number of the empty houses based on statistical data
    Sunada Ai;Kikuchi Yoshinobu;Uchida Hironori
    Summaries of technical papers of annual meeting 2015 207-208 Sep.  2015
  • 8106 A case study of the use of empty house by not-for-profit groups in Hokuriku region
    Motoya Arika;Kikuchi Yoshinobu;Yamazaki Wataru
    Summaries of technical papers of annual meeting 2015 211-212 Sep.  2015

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