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Researcher Profile & Settings


    YASUKURA Osami


  •  Applied Physics Professor
  •  University of Fukui
  •  Graduate School of Engineering
  •  Faculty of Engineering
  •  Applied Physics Professor


  • Apr. 1982Apr. 1986University of Tsukuba 数学専攻
  • Apr. 1980Mar. 1982Shinshu University 数学
  • Apr. 1976Mar. 1980Yokohama City University Science(Mathematics course)


  • Master of Science
  • Doctor of Science

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Jan. 2003Faculty of Engineering, Fukui University Professor
  • Apr. 1999Dec. 2002Faculty of Engineering, Fukui University Associate Professor
  • Jan. 1992Mar. 1999Faculty of Education, Fukui University Associate Professor
  • Jan. 1989Sep. 1992Faculty of Liberal Arts and Science, Yokohama City University Research Associate
  • May 1986Dec. 1988Ibaraki Institute of Technology Lecturer

Overseas travel history

  • 中華人民共和国 華東師範大学、上海師範大学 Sep.  2005- Sep. 2005

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Reconfiguration manipulability analyses for redundant robots
    Tongxiao Zhang, Mamoru Minami, Osami Yasukura, Wei Song
    Journal of Mechanisms and Robotics (Published Quarterly by ASME) 5(4) 041001:1-16 Nov.  2013 Refereed
  • Orbit decomposition of Jordan Matrix Algebras of order three under the automorphism groups
    Akihiro Nishio, Osami Yasukura
    J. Math. Sci. Univ. Tokyo 17(2010) 387-417 2011 Refereed
  • The classification of orbits by a natural action of certain reductive linear groups
    Hajime Kaji, Osami Yasukura
    Yokohama Mathematical Journal 53(1) 39-61 Jan.  2006 Refereed
  • From Homma’s theorem to Pick’s theorem
    Tetsunori Kurogi, Osami Yasukura
    Osaka J. Math. 42(4) 723-735 Dec.  2005 Refereed
  • Projective geometry of Freudenthal’s varieties of certain type
    Hajime Kaji, Osami Yasukura
    Michigan Mathematical Journal 52(3) 515-542 Dec.  2004 Refereed
  • Existence of primitive PL-complex decomposition for lattice PL-figures
    Tetsumori Kurogi, Osami Yasukura
    Memoir of Faculty of Education and Regional Studies, Fukui Univ., 55 42013 Dec.  2003 Not refereed
  • Isomorphism problem on reductive Lie groups
    Osami Yasukura
    Sugaku, MSJ, Iwanami-Shoten 55(2) 199-202 Apr.  2003 Refereed
  • On Ehresmann’s theorem of quaternion holomorphy
    Yokohama Mathematical Journal 49(2) 163-169 2002 Refereed
  • Secant varieties of adjoint varieties: orbit decomposition
    Hajime Kaji, Osami Yasukura
    Journal of Algebra 227(1) 26-44 2000 Refereed
  • Tangent loci and certain linear sections of adjoint varieties
    Hajime Kaji, Osami Yasukura
    Nagoya Mathematical Journal 158 63-72 2000 Refereed
  • Adjoint varieties and their secant varieties
    H.Kaji, M.Ohno, O.Yasukura
    Indagationes Mathematicae 10(1) 45-57 1999 Refereed
  • On adjoint varieties
    Osami Yasukura
    Kokyuroku, RIMS, Kyoto University 1044 53-62 Feb.  1998 Not refereed
  • Diagonalization of an element P of PC by the compact Lie group E7
    T.Miyasaka, O.Yasukura, I.Yokota
    Tsukuba Journal of Mathematics 22(3) 687-703 1998 Refereed
  • Symplectic triple systems and quaternion-Kahler manifolds
    Osami Yasukura
    Yokohama Mathematical Journal 40 121-142 1993 Refereed
  • On subalgebras of type A1 in simple Lie algebras
    Algebras, Groups and Geometries 5(4) 359-367 1988 Refereed
  • A classification of 2-simple prehomogeneous vector spaces of type I
    Tatsuo Kimura, M. Inuzuka, S.-I. Kasai, Osami Yasukura
    Journal of Algebra 114(2) 369-400 1988 Refereed
  • A classification of orthogonal transformation groups of low cohomogeneity
    Osami Yasukura
    Tsukuba Journal of Mathematics 10(2) 299-326 1986 Refereed
  • A classification of the representations of reductive algebraic groups which admit only a finite number of orbits
    Tatsuo Kimura, S.-I.Kasai, Osami Yasukura
    American Journal of Mathematics 108 643-692 1986 Refereed
  • Non-compact simple Lie group E8(8)
    Ichiro Yokota, Osami Yasukura
    Tsukuba Journal of Mathematics 10(2) 331--349 1986 Refereed
  • R-spaces associated with a hermitian symmetric pair
    Hiroyuki Tasaki, Osami Yasukura
    Tsukuba Journal of Mathematics 10(1) 165-170 1986 Refereed
  • Subgroup ((SU(3) ×SU(6)) /Z3) ・ Z2 of the simply connected compact simple Lie group E7
    T.Ishihara, Osami Yasukura, Ichiro Yokota
    Journal of Mathematics of Kyoto University 23(4) 715-737 1983 Refereed
  • On the homogeneous space E8/E7
    Takao Imai, O.Yasukura, Ichiro Yokota
     23-3, 467--473 1983 Refereed
  • Subguoup (SU(2)×Spin(12) )/Z2 of compact simple Lie group E7 and non-compact simple Lie group E7, б of type E7(-5)
    O.Yasukura, Ichiro Yokota
     12(1) 59-76 1982 Refereed

Books etc

  • International Symposium on Nonassociative Algebras and Related Topics, Hiroshima, Japan, 30August-1September1990
    Symplectic triple systems and graded Lie algebras
    World Scientific Publishing Co. Pte. Ltd. (Sigapore) 1991

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Maximal antipodal subgroups of the compact Lie group G_2 of exceptional type
    Osami YASUKURA
     Dec.  2016
  • Maximal antipodal subgroups of the compact Lie group G_2 of exceptional type
     Sep.  2016
  • Analyses of Avoidance Manipulability for Redundant Manipulators
    Zhang Tongxiao, M.Minami, O.Yasukura, 宋 薇, 中村 優作
     Sep.  2008