FacultyTenure-Track Program for Innovative Research
Teacher OrganizationTenure-Track Program for Innovative Research
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Tenure-Track Program for Innovative Research
PositionSenior Assistant Professor
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  •  Tenure-Track Program for Innovative Research Senior Assistant Professor

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Binding sites and structure of peptides bound to SiO2 nanoparticles studied by solution NMR spectroscopy
    Suzuki, Y., Shindo, H.
    Polymer J. 50 989-996 Jun.  2018 Refereed
  • Zwitterionic polymer design that inhibits aggregation and facilitates insulin refolding: mechanistic insights and importance of hydrophobicity
    Rajan, R., Suzuki, Y., Matsumura, K.
    Macromol. Biosci. 18(6) Apr.  2018 Refereed
  • NMR investigation about heterogeneous structure and dynamics of recombinant spider silk in the dry and hydrated states
    Tasei, Y., Nishimura, A., Suzuki, Y., Sato, T. K., Sugahara, J., Asakura, T.
    Macromolecules 50(20) 8117-8128 Oct.  2017 Refereed
  • Structures of silk fibroin before and after spinning and biomedical applications
    Suzuki, Y.
    Polymer Journal 48 1039-1044 Sep.  2016 Refereed
  • Structure and dynamic properties of a Ti-binding peptide bound to TiO2 nanoparticles As accessed by H-1 NMR spectroscopy
    Suzuki, Y., Shindo, H., Asakura, T.
    Journal of Physical Chemistry B 120(20) 4600-4607 May  2016 Refereed
  • Structural determination of the tandem repeat motif in Samia cynthia ricini liquid silk by solution NMR
    Suzuki, Y., Kawanishi, Y., Yamazaki, T., Aoki, A., Saito, H., Asakura, T.
    Macromolecules 48(18) 6574-6579 Sep.  2015 Refereed
  • Structural transition of Bombyx mori liquid silk studied with vibrational circular sichroism spectroscopy
    Morisaku, T., Arai, S., Konno, K., Suzuki, Y., Asakura, T., Yui, H.
    Analytical Sciences 31(8) 763-768 Aug.  2015 Refereed
  • Simple and efficient isolation of cordycepin from culture broth of a Cordyceps militaris mutant
    Masuda, M., Hatashita, M., Fujihara, S., Suzuki, Y., Sakurai, A.
    J. Biosci. Bioeng 120(6) 732-735 Jun.  2015 Refereed
  • Biological reaction to small-diameter vascular grafts made of silk fibroin implanted in the abdominal aortae of rats
    Fukayama, T., Takagi, K., Tanaka, R., Hatakeyama, Y., Aytemiz, D., Suzuki, Y., Asakura, T.
    Annals of Vascular Surgery 29(2) 341-352 Feb.  2015 Refereed
  • In vitro and in vivo Evaluation of Hemocompatibility of Silk Fibroin Based Artificial Vascular Grafts
    D.Aytemiz, Y.Suzuki, T.Shindo, T.Saotome, R.Tanaka, T.Asakura
     6(2) 42018 Mar.  2014 Refereed
  • NMR Study of the Structures of Repeated Sequences, GAGXGA (X =S, Y, V), in Bombyx mori Liquid Silk
    Y.Suzuki, T.Yamazaki, A.Aoki, H.Shindo, T.Asakura
     15(1) 104-112 Jan.  2014 Refereed
  • Synthesis and Characterization of Water-Soluble Silk Peptides and Recombinant Silk Protein Containing Polyalanine, the Integrin Binding Site, and Two Glutamic Acids at Each Terminal Site as a Possible Candidate for Use in Bone Repair Materials
    T.Asakura, Y.Suzuki, A.Nagano, D.Knight, M.Kamiya, M.Demura
     14(10) 3731-3741 Sep.  2013 Refereed
  • Silk structure studied with nuclear magnetic resonance
    T.Asakura, Y.Suzuki, Y.Nakazawa, K.Yazawa, G.P.Holland, J.L.Yarger
     69 23-68 Feb.  2013 Refereed
  • Determination of Accurate H-1 Positions of (Ala-Gly)n as a Sequential Peptide Model of Bombyx mori Silk Fibroin before Spinning (Silk I)
    T.Asakura, Y.Suzuki, K.Yazawa, A.Aoki, Y.Nishiyama, K.Nishimura, F.Suzuki, H.Kaji
     46(19) 8046-8050 Jan.  2013 Refereed
  • Development of silk/polyurethane small-diameter vascular graft by electrospinning
    Seikei-kakou 25(4) 181-187 2013 Refereed
  • Elucidating silk structure using solid-state NMR
    T.Asakura, Y.Suzuki, Y.Nakazawa, G.P.Holland, J.L.Yager
     9(48) 11440-11450 2013 Refereed

Books etc

  • ACS Books "Stereochemistry and Global Connectivity: The Legacy of Ernest Eliel" Solution NMR structure and conformation of silk fibroins stored in Bombyx mori and Samia cynthia ricini silkworms
    Asakura, T., Suzuki, Y., Nishimura A.
    ACS Nov.  2017

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Conformation and dynamic properties of silk fibroin in a silk gland
    Suzuki, Y.
    255th ACS national meeting Mar.  2018
  • Suppression of insulin aggregation by zwitterionic polymers: Mechanistic insights
    Rajan, R., Suzuki, Y., Matsumura, K.
    Materials Research Society fall meeting Nov.  2017
  • Conformation of silk fibroins stored in silk glands studied by solution NMR
    Suzuki, Y., Asakura, T.
    Sheffield Silk Conference Jul.  2017