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Researcher Profile & Settings


    TSUKIHARA Toshihiro


  •  Faculty of Global and Community Studies, School of Global and Community Studies Professor


  • 1991Kyoto University 地理学
  • 1987Kyoto University

Academic & Professional Experience

  • Aug. 2008University of Fukui, Faculty of Education and Regional Studies Professor
  • Apr. 2001Jul. 2008University of Fukui, Faculty of Education and Regional Studies Associate Professor
  • Apr. 1997Mar. 2001Osaka City University, Faculty of Literature and Human Science Lecturer
  • Apr. 1993Mar. 1997Osaka City Univ., Faculty of Literature and Human Sciences Research Associate

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Prevalence of hypertension at high altitude: cross-sectional survey in Ladakh, Northern India 2007-2011
    Norboo, Tsering;Stobdan, Tsering;Tsering, Norboo;Angchuk, Norboo;Tsering, Phunsog;Ahmed, Iqbal;Chorol, Tsewang;Sharma, Vijay Kumar;Reddy, Prasanna;Singh, Shashi Bala;Kimura, Yumi;Sakamoto, Ryota;Fukutomi, Eriko;Ishikawa, Motonao;Suwa, Kuniaki;Kosaka, Yasuyuki;Nose, Mitsuhiro;Yamaguchi, Takayoshi;Tsukihara, Toshihiro;Matsubayashi, Kozo;Otsuka, Kuniaki;Okumiya, Kiyohito
    BMJ OPEN 5(4) 2015
  • Sleep quality among elderly high-altitude dwellers in Ladakh
    Sakamoto, Ryota;Okumiya, Kiyohito;Norboo, Tsering;Tsering, Norboo;Yamaguchi, Takayoshi;Nose, Mitsuhiro;Takeda, Shinya;Tsukihara, Toshihiro;Ishikawa, Motonao;Nakajima, Shun;Wada, Taizo;Fujisawa, Michiko;Imai, Hissei;Ishimoto, Yasuko;Kimura, Yumi;Fukutomi, Eriko;Chen, Wending;Otsuka, Kuniaki;Matsubayashi, Kozo
    PSYCHIATRY RESEARCH 249 51-57 Mar.  2017
  • Sleep quality among elderly high-altitude dwellers in Ladakh.
    Sakamoto Ryota;Okumiya Kiyohito;Norboo Tsering;Tsering Norboo;Yamaguchi Takayoshi;Nose Mitsuhiro;Takeda Shinya;Tsukihara Toshihiro;Ishikawa Motonao;Nakajima Shun;Wada Taizo;Fujisawa Michiko;Imai Hissei;Ishimoto Yasuko;Kimura Yumi;Fukutomi Eriko;Chen Wenling;Otsuka Kuniaki;Matsubayashi Kozo
    Psychiatry research 249 2016
    :It has been already known that people who temporarily stay at high altitude may develop insomnia as a symptom of acute mountain sickness. However, much less is known about people living at high altitude. The aim of this study was to determine the effect of high altitude environment on sleep quality for the elderly who have been living at high altitude for their whole lives. A cross-sectional study was conducted in Domkhar valley at altitudes of 2800-4200m, Ladakh. Sleep quality was assessed using Insomnia Severity Index (ISI). Measurement items include body mass index, blood pressure, blood sugar, hemoglobin, timed Up and Go test, oxygen saturation during wakefulness, respiratory function test, Oxford Knee Score (OKS), and Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS), and so on. The participants were Ladakhi older adults aged 60 years or over (n=112) in Domkhar valley. The participation rate was 65.1% (male: female=47:65, mean age: 71.3 years and 67.9 years, respectively). The prevalence of the high score of ISI (8 or more) was 15.2% (17 out of 112). Altitude of residence was significantly correlated with ISI. Stepwise multiple regression analysis showed that OKS and altitude of residence were significantly related with ISI.

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Importance of Minor Agricultural Produce and Hunter/Gatherer's Produce in Himalayan Export Trade
    Toshihiro Tsukihara
    The 120th Study Session of the "Development and Cultural Change Forum Oct.  2018
  • Historical Transition of Agricultural Production and Food Trade in Himalayan Region
    Toshihiro Tsukihara
    Nepal Seminar of the JSPS Research Project (15H05253) titled "Development of Food Marketing System in Indian Subcontinent and its Possibilities of Trade Links with Japan" Dec.  2017
  • Long-distance sheep migration and conflict over grazing resources in Rajasthan, India
    月原 敏博
     Jan.  2004
  • Livestock and farming systems in Ladakh: regional difference and its integration
    月原 敏博
     Aug.  1999