ASAHARA Masahiro

FacultyDepartment of Science and Mathematics Education, Chemistry
Teacher OrganizationDepartment of Science and Mathematics Education
Education and
 Research Organization
Faculty of Education /Graduate School of Education
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Researcher Profile & Settings


    ASAHARA Masahiro

Research Areas

  • Chemistry / Applied chemistry Individual
  • Complex systems / Science education/Educational technology Collaboration in Japan
  • Chemistry / Basic chemistry Individual


  •  Department of Science and Mathematics Education, Chemistry Professor

Association Memberships

    Japan Association of Energy and Environmental Education member,Japan Society for Science Education member of editorial board,Society of Japan Science Teaching councilor,The Kinki Chemical Society, Japan member,American Chemical Society member,The Society of Silicon Chemistry JAPAN member,The Society of Synthetic Organic Chemistry, Japan member,The Chemical Society of Japan member,

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Science Communication for Young Children by Way of Science Show as Type
    Hideya Gesso, Yasufumi Kawamura, Yusuke Inagaki, Masahiro Asahara
     42(2) 85-92 2018 Refereed
  • Science Education for Young Children: Development and Traial of Lessons on Play with a Pipette
    Hideya GESSO, Yusuke INAGAKI, Mariko HAYATAKE, Hiroki SHINMURA Masahiro ASAHARA
    Fukui Educational Research(41) 113-119 Feb.  2017 Not refereed
  • Geoscience teaching for secondary school students using a newly developed card game of igneous rocks
    Masaya MIYOSHI, Masahiro ASAHARA Toshio OYAMA, Tsuyoshi KUZUNO, Naohiro SASAKI
    Fukui Educational Research(41) 27-36 Feb.  2017 Not refereed
  • In-service Training for Teachers: The Field of Matter and Life on the elementary School Science
    Masahiro ASAHARA, Toru SISHIZAWA, Yukinori HIRATA, Mikio SAITO, Kazuhiro KAI
    Fukui Educational Research(41) 5-18 Feb.  2017 Not refereed
  • Support for the Next Generation of Core Science Teachers (Graduate Students) Based on the Scientific Communication Activities for Lower Secondary School Students
    Hideya GESSO, Toru NISHIZAWA, Mitsuaki MISAKI, Masahiro ASAHARA
    Japanese Journal of Applied Physics Education 40(2) 107-113 Dec.  2016 Refereed
  • Science Education for Young Children: Development and Trial of Lessons on Materials and Buoyancy
    Hideya GESSO, Yusuke INAGAKI, Mariko HAYATAKE, Kimio ISA, Nobu KUZUU, Masahiro ASAHARA
    Journal of Science Education in Japan 40(4) 325-333 Dec.  2016 Refereed
  • The Support System in Elementary School Science Cooperate with the Local Community ~Based on the Practice of Waku-Waku Rikarando (A Science Summer Festival for Schoolchildren in Sakai City)~
    Masahiro ASAHARA, Hideya GESSO, Takumi MOTOYA, Kazuhiro KAI, Toru NISHIZAWA
    (1) 103-109 Mar.  2016 Not refereed
  • Practical Utilization of Science Museums or Regional Corporations in Curriculum for a Training of Elementary School Teachers
    Toru NISHIZAWA, Masahiro ASAHARA, Kinuyo AOYAMA, Masae HAYASHI, Toshio OYAMA
    (1) 19-30 Mar.  2016 Not refereed
  • Distinction of Plastic by the Microscale Experiment for High School Education
    Rintaro OKUYA, Kinuyo AOYAMA, Ryuji NAKATA, Masahiro ASAHARA
    Fukui Educational Research(40) 113-120 Feb.  2016 Not refereed
  • Questionnaire Survey and its Consideration for Support of Science Education by Core Science Teacher in Fukui Prefecture
    Hideya GESSO, Etsuo HOSOE, Toru NISHIZAWA, Ryuji NAKATA, Mitsuaki MISAKI, Masahiro ASAHARA
    Fukui Educational Resaech(40) 37-46 Feb.  2016 Not refereed
  • Practical and Developmental Uses of the Molecular Model Kit for Schoolchildren in Need of Special Support
    Masahiro ASAHARA, Sakiko OGOSHI, Kinuyo AOYAMA, Yutaka FUJII
    Journal of Interdisciplinary Research 15(1) 39-46 Jan.  2015 Refereed
  • Development and its Practice of the Vocabulary Teat for Science Learning" which Promotes Acquisition of a Scientific Learning Vocabulary"
     2013(38) 42015 Feb.  2014 Not refereed
  • Fabrication of Dye-Synthesized Solar Cells with Electrolyte TiO2 Nanotubes
    T.Nakamura, K.Hayashi, T.Ogihara, M.Asahara
     35 705-708 Nov.  2010 Refereed
  • Practice and Evaluation of the 2nd Taiken (Experience) Science Summer Camp
    Masahiro ASAHARA, Mitsuyuki IREI, Takashi HASHIBA, Akinori NISHITA, Kinuyo AOYAMA, Yutaka SABURI, Kimio ISA
     2008(33) 23-34 Jan.  2009 Not refereed
  • Photoluminescence and Electroluminescence Characteristics of 3,3′-Dicyano-[7,7′-biindolizine]-1,1′,2,2′-tetracarboxylic Acid 1,2-Diethyl 1′,2′-Dimethyl Ester
    Toshinori Matsushima, Ryosuke Kimura, Masahiro ASAHARA, Hideyuki Murata
     37(12) 1260-1261 Dec.  2008 Refereed