FacultyClinical Child Psychiatry Department
Teacher OrganizationClinical Child Psychiatry Department
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University Hospital
PositionAssistant Professor
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Researcher Profile & Settings


    SHINICHIRO Takiguchi


  •  Clinical Child Psychiatry Department Assistant Professor

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Increased anterior pelvic angle characterizes the gait of children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD)
    H.Naruse ,TX.Fujisawa, C.Yatsuga ,M.Kubota, H.Matsuo,S.Takiguchi , S.Shimada ,Y.Imai ,M.Hiratani, H.Kosaka, A*.Tomoda A.
    PLoS One 12(1) e0170096 Jan.  2017 Refereed
  • Decision making processes based on social conventional rules in early adolescents with and without autism spectrum disorders.
    H.Komeda, H.Osanai, K.Yanaoka, Y.Okamoto, T.Fujioka, S.Arai, K.Inohara , M.Koyasu, T.Kusumi, S.Takiguchi, M.Kawatani, H.Kumazaki, M.Hiratani, A.Tomoda, H.Kosaka.
    Sci Rep 6 37875 Nov.  2016 Refereed
  • Advanced test of attention in children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder in Japan for evaluation of methylphenidate and atomoxetine effects.
    Fujioka T, Takiguchi S, Yatsuga C, Hiratani M, Hong KE, Shin MS, Cho S, Kosaka H, Tomoda A*.
    Clin Psychopharmacol Neurosci 14(1) 79-87 Feb.  2016 Refereed
  • Altered frontal pole development affects self-generated spatial working memory in ADHD.
    Arai S, Okamoto Y, Fujioka T, Inohara K, Ishitobi M, Matsumura Y, Jung M, Kawamura K, Takiguchi S, Tomoda A, Wada Y, Hiratani M, Matsuura N, Kosaka H*.
    Brain Dev 2015 Dec 18. pii S0387-7604(15)00235-1 Dec.  2015 Refereed
  • Effect of the nature of subsequent environment on oxytocin and cortisol secretion in maltreated children.
    Mizushima S, Fujisawa TX, Takiguchi S, Kumazaki H, Tanaka S, Tomoda A*.
    Front Psychiatry 6(173) 1-9 Dec.  2015
  • Ventral striatum dysfunction in children and adolescents with reactive attachment disorder: functional MRI study.
    Takiguchi S, Fujisawa TX, Mizushima S, Saito DN, Okamoto Y, Shimada K, Koizumi M, Kumazaki H, Jung M, Kosaka H, Hiratani M, Ohshima Y, Teicher, MH, Tomoda A*.
    Br J Psychiatry Open 1(2) 121-128 Oct.  2015 Refereed
  • Reduced visual cortex grey matter volume in children and adolescents with reactive attachment disorder.
    K. Shimada, S. Takiguchi, S. Mizushima, T.X. Fujisawa, D.N. Saito, H. Kosaka, H. Okazawa, A. Tomoda.
    Neuroimage Clin 9 13-19 Sep.  2015
  • Effectiveness of oral tipepidine administration for children with attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder: A 4-week, open-label clinical study.
    Tomoda A*, Takiguchi S, Fujisawa TX, Yatsuga C, Kumazaki H, Fujioka T, Suzuki H, Matsuzaki H, Kosaka H, Tanaka S.
    Psychiatry Clin Neurosci Oct;69(10) 658-9 Sep.  2015 Refereed
  • Impaired neural reward processing in children and adolescents with reactive attachment disorder: a pilot study.
    Mizuno K, Takiguchi S, Yamazaki M, Asano M, Kato S, Kuriyama K, Watanabe Y, Sadato N, Tomoda A*.
    Asian J Psychiatr 17 89-93 Aug.  2015 Refereed
  • Ethnic differences in COMT genetic effects on striatal grey matter alterations associated with childhood ADHD: A voxel-based morphometry study in a Japanese sample.
    Shimada K, Fujisawa TX, Takiguchi S, Naruse H, Kosaka H, Okazawa H, Tomoda A*.
    World J Biol Psychiatry 18(4) 322-328 Nov.  2015 Refereed
  • Anorexia nervosa during adolescence is associated with decreased gray matter volume in the inferior frontal gyrus.
    Fujisawa TX ok, Yatsuga C, Mabe H, Yamada E, Masuda M, Tomoda A *.
    PLoS One 10(6) e0128548, 2015 Refereed

Books etc

  • Memory in Social Context: Brain, Mind, and Society
    Tomoda A*, Takiguchi S, Shimada K, Fujisawa TX.
    Structural and functional changes of brain due to childhood maltreatment and adversity.
    springer Dec.  2017

Conference Activities & Talks

  • The neural effects of intranasal oxytocin administration in reactive attachment disorder.
    S.Takiguchi,TX.Fujisawa,S.Mizushima,DN.Saito,K.Shimada,Y.Okamoto,S.Nishikawa,S. Takada,Y.Mizuno,H.Kosaka ,A.Tomoda.
    第58回日本小児神経学会学術総会 Jun.  2016
  • The Abnormal Regional Neural Function and Functional Integration of the Cerebellum in Children and Adolescents with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder.
    Y.Mizuno,M.Jung,TX.Fujisawa,S.Takiguchi,K.Shimada,DN.Saito,H.Kosaka , A.Tomoda.
    63rd Annual Meeting of American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Oct.  2016
  • The effect of oxytocin on detection of altruistic person for children.
    M.Koizumi,Y.Matsumura,S. Ishikawa,H. Matsumoto,Y. Masuya,R. Okazaki,Y. Okamoto,T. Fujioka,S. Takiguchi,A.Tomoda,H. Kosaka.
    The 22nd International Association for Child and Adolescent Psychiatry and Allied Professions (IACAPAP) World Congress and the 36th CACAP Conference Sep.  2016
  • The regional neural function and functional integration of the cerebellum in children with ADHD: A resting-state fMRI study.
    Y.Mizuno,M.Jung,TX.Fujisawa,K.Shimada,S.Takiguchi,DSaito,H.Kosaka,A. Tomoda.
    The 8th International Neuroscience and Biological Psychiatry Regional “Stress and Behavior” Conference Jul.  2016
  • Altered brain response to reward in maltreated children and adolescents.
    S.Takiguchi, TX.Fujisawa, S.Mizushima, DN.Saito, K.Shimada, H.Kosaka, A.Tomoda
    The 13th Asian Congress of Health Promotion Dec.  2015
  • Unlocking the involvement of oxytocin in Autism Spectrum Disorder.
    C.Yatsuga, TX.Fujisawa, DN.Saito, S.Takiguchi, S.Mizushima, H.Naruse, A.Tomoda
     Apr.  2015
  • ADHD児における安静時の小脳の脳活動
    水野 賀史, 丁 ミンヨン, 藤澤 隆史, 滝口慎一郎, 島田浩二, 齋藤 大輔, 小坂 浩隆, 友田 明美
     Jun.  2016

Awards & Honors

  •  第57回日本小児神経学会 English Session賞受賞 Low striatal activity during reward perception caused by childhood adversity2015