YOSHIDA Toshiyuki

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    YOSHIDA Toshiyuki


  •  Information Science Professor

Research Activities

Published Papers

  • Depth From Defocus Technique Based on Cross Reblurring
    Kazumi Takemura, Toshiyuki Yoshida
    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E102.D(11) 2083-2092 Nov.  2019 Refereed
  • Depth from Defocus by cross-reblurring with pixel disalignment compensation
    Kazumi Takemura, Toshiyuki Yoshida
    Proc. of International Workshop on Advanced Image Technology 159-(4) Jan.  2019 Refereed
  • A JPEG decompression technique based on compressed sensing
    Chihiro Tsutake, Ryoya Yamada, Toshiyuki Yoshida
    Proc. of International Workshop on Advanced Image Technology 147-(4) Jan.  2019 Refereed
  • Reduction of Poisson noise in coded exposure photography
    Chihiro Tsutake, Toshiyuki Yoshida
    Proc. of IEEE International Conference on Image Processing 3938-3942 Oct.  2018 Refereed
  • Block-matching-based implementation of affine motion estimation for HEVC
    Chihiro TSUTAKE, Toshiyuki YOSHIDA
    IEICE Transactions on Information and Systems E101.D(4) 1151-1158 Apr.  2018 Refereed
  • Depth From Defocus Technique by Refocusing
    Kazumi Takemura, Toshiyuki Yoshida
    Proc. of International Workshop on Advanced Image Technology P1-61-(4) Jan.  2018 Refereed
  • EMOS-Based Spatio-Temporal Rate Control Technique for 4k60P videos
    Akira Yamanaka, Toshiyuki Yoshida
    Proc. of International Workshop on Advanced Image Technology P1-139 Jan.  2018 Refereed
  • Fixed-Point Realization of Affine Motion Compensation in HEVC
    Chihiro Tsutake, Toshiyuki Yoshida
    Proc. of International Workshop on Advanced Image Technology C2-17 Jan.  2018 Refereed
  • Spectrum Shaping for SFF Technique based on a Weighted Sum of Subband Components
    Naoto Furukawa,Yutaka Nakano,Toshiyuki Yoshida
    Proc. of International Workshop on Advanced Image Technology Jan.  2015 Refereed
  • Effectiveness of Scalable Video Coding based on a Maximization of an Estimated MOS
    Shusuke Kondo, Y.Nakano, T.Yoshida
    International Workshop on Advanced Image Technology2015 Jan.  2015 Refereed
  • Efficiency Evaluation of a Multi-Parameter Motion Compensation Technique under Cost Constraint
    Masashi Morita, Hayato Fukushima, Toshiyuki Yoshida
     Jan.  2015 Refereed
  • Precise Shape from Focus/Defocus Method based on Spectrum Shaping
    Kanako Kodera, Yutaka Nakano, Toshiyuki Yoshida
     Jan.  2014 Refereed
  • Frame Interpolation using Delaunay Triangulation
    Yusuke Okubo, Yutaka Nakano, Toshiyuki Yoshida
     Jan.  2014 Refereed
  • Performance evaluation of a MOS estimation technique by means of SSIM
    M.Taue, T.Yoshida
     573-576 Jan.  2013 Refereed
  • Image-processing-based living cells tracking for epigenetic studies
    M.Mizuno, Y.Nakano, T.Yoshida
     665-668 Jan.  2013 Refereed
  • MOS-based bit allocation in SNR-temporal scalable coding
    Yuya Yamasaki, Toshiyuki Yoshida
     242-245 Dec.  2010 Refereed
  • Shape from focus/defocus technique from multiple viewpoints
    Toshiyuki Yoshida, Tomohiro Isono
     86-87 Dec.  2010 Refereed
  • Reduction of depth estimation error in shape from focus technique
    Proc. of International Workshop on Advacned Image Technology 2010 Jan.  2010 Refereed
  • Video quality equalization based on an estimated MOS using a very large-size buffer
    Proc. of Picture Coding Symposium 2009 May  2009 Refereed
  • Detection of Fading-in/out Text Regions from MPEG Videos Based on a Markov Model
    T.Kashio, Y.Nakano, T.Yoshida
     Nov.  2007 Refereed
  • HMM-based approach for text region detection in coded video bitstreams
    Y.Nakano, T.Kashio, T.Yoshida
     3209-3212 Jan.  2006 Refereed
  • Adaptive frame interval control and its quality estimation
    T.Yoshida, T. Miyata
     TuePMPO9-8 Sep.  2005 Refereed
  • Background differencing technique for image segmentation based on the status of reference pixels
     WP-P8.6 Jan.  2004 Refereed
  • Distance metric for motion vector histograms based on human perceptual characteristics
     2002 Refereed
  • Framerate Optimization under a Bitrate Constraint
    Y.Inazumi, T.Yoshida, Y.Sakai, Y.Horita
  • A fundamental examination for a framerate optimization in low bitrate video transmission
    Y.Inazumi, T.Isogai, T.Yoshida, Y.Sakai, Y.Horita
     2001 Refereed
  • Motion image segmentation using 3-D watershed algorithm
    T.Yoshida, T.Shimosato
     2001 Refereed
  • An edge enhancement technique for image segmentation based on resistive circuit simulation
    T.Yoshida, K.Hirano
     2000 Refereed
  • 2D/3D hybrid video coding based on motion compensation
    K.Ichino, T.Yoshida, I.Nishihara, Y.Sakai
     1999 Refereed
  • Precise estimation of motion vectors and its application to MPEG retrieval
    V.D.Khanh, I.Nishihara, T.Yoshida, Y.Sakai
     1999 Refereed
  • Image retrieval system basend on interactive reduction of feature space
    A.Kobayashi, T.Yoshida, Y.Sakai
  • Video coding based on multi-parameter motion estimation and its reliability metrics
  • Media synchronization with adaptive QoS control based on a smoothing technique
    T.Sirirat, T.Yoshida, Y.Sakai
     1999 Refereed
  • Multidimensional two-channel linear phase FIR filter banks and wavelet bases with vanishing moments
    T.Cooklev, T.Yoshida, A.Nishihara
     1998 Refereed
  • Design of checkerboard-distortion-free multidimensional multirate filters
    T.Tamura, M.Kato, T.Yoshida, A.Nishihara
     1998 Refereed
  • Systematic derivation of input-output relation for 2-D periodically time-variant digital filters with an arbitrary periodicity
    T.Yoshida, Y.Sakai
     1998 Refereed
  • Intermedia Synchronization Control Based on Delay Estimation by Kalman Filtering
    T.Sirirat, T.Yoshida, Y.Sakai
     1998 Refereed
  • Bitstream scaling and encoding methods for MPEG video dedicated to media synchronization in a network
    A.Ichikawa, T.Tsushima, T.Yoshida, Y.Sakai
     1998 Refereed
  • Block classification method based on human perception for dynamic bitstream scaling of MPEG video
    A.Ichikawa, 吉田 俊之, Y.Sakai
     1998 Refereed
  • Compression coding of moving contours on spatio-temporal 2-D plane
    T.Yoshida, T.Asami, Y.Sakai
     1998 Refereed
  • QoS adaptation in media synchronization using delay compensation and smoothing technique
    T.Sirirat, T.Yoshida, Y.Sakai
  • Fast mode decision technique for HEVC intra prediction based on reliability metric for motion vectors
    Chihiro Tsutake, Yutaka Nakano, Toshiyuki Yoshida
    Trans. IEICE on Information and Systems E99-D(4) 1193-1201 Apr.  2016 Refereed
  • Vaguelette-Wavelet Deconvolution via Compressive Sampling
    Tsutake, Chihiro;Yoshida, Toshiyuki
    IEEE ACCESS 7 54533-54541 2019 Refereed

Conference Activities & Talks

  • Robust motion deblurring based on coded exposure photography in the presence of Poisson and Gaussian noise
    Chihiro Tsutake, Toshiyuki Yoshida
     Aug.  2018